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Northern Montana Hospital (NMH)

Christen Obresley, VP of Regulatory and Community Services, is the Compliance Officer. Her office is located in Room 420 of Northern Montana Hospital. To contact her, you may call the Compliance Hotline/Helpline at extension (1420) from within the hospital or (406) 262-1420 from anywhere outside or email

The HIPPA hot-line number is
(406) 262-1500


Wouldn’t you want to know that any organization you worked for had a commitment to play by the rules?  Northern Montana Health Care does.

NMHC and its affiliates have a policy of maintaining the highest level of professional and ethical standards in the conduct of their business and service to the public. NMHC places great importance upon its reputation for honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical standards. Each member of the organization shall strive to maintain high standards of integrity, business ethics, and fair dealings, and avoid any actions that are, or even appear to be inconsistent with these standards. The overall reputation of the organization depends upon each one of us individually and how we do our jobs.

Compliance with legal requirements can’t be left to chance, particularly in health care, where laws and regulations are extremely complex and are changing rapidly. NMHC has created a Compliance Program to promote prevention, detection, and resolution of instances of conduct that do not conform to the rules and regulations that apply to health care providers.

The Compliance Hotline/Helpline is available to any employee of Northern Montana Health Care to ask questions, get answers, or report any suspected violations, without fear of retaliation in any way.  We encourage you to communicate with the Compliance Office if you have concerns or questions about any aspect of our operations.

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