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Northern Montana Hospital (NMH)
Nurses Who Care for You in the Hospital

Nurses Who Care for You in the Hospital

The nursing profession is ever expanding. At Northern Montana Health Care, our Registered Nurses wear bright red RN tags on their name badges so you will always know when you are talking to a registered nurse. The Licensed Practical Nurses wear blue tags that say LPN. These nurses are your caregivers while you are in the hospital.

Our registered nurses, licensed professional nurses, certified nursing assistants, and nursing techs work as a team, with your doctor, to care for you!

Medical/Surgical/Pediatric department

Patients have said of our nursing staff…

”They are great!”

”They made me feel comfortable and well taken care of”

“They are very professional and knowledgeable.”

”They were the most interactive with my loved one”

“They are awesome and a special group of nurses!”

The Northern Montana Hospital Medical/Surgical/Pediatric department located on the 5th floor hosts a variety patients. Our patients range from “little” infants to “wise” seniors of our community and surrounding areas.

Student Nurses

Our nursing staff also assist students from MSU-Northern’s nursing program as they work at the bedside, learning their new role in patient care.

Patient comments regarding care from past student nurses include…

”They are great team players.”

“They are patient and caring.”

”They are top notch!”

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