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M. Benjamin Farr, MD

Dr. M. Benjamin Farr completed his education in Utah, Oregon and Pennsylvania. He had been practicing in Plainview, Texas for over ten years. Having made several trips to Montana for hunting and fishing expeditions with his two sons, Dr. Farr was thrilled to be able to relocate his family here to continue his Orthopedic Surgery practice. His specialties are total hips, knees, and shoulders. He also does hand surgeries, sporting injuries, fractures, trauma evaluations, and arthroscopies.

As an integral part of the Orthopedic Surgery Team at the Northern Montana Specialty Medical Center, Dr. Farr is bringing new innovations in total joint replacement surgery to Montana and the patients of the Hi-Line! Dr. Farr has used the ROSA Knee Replacement System in over 250 robotic assisted knees. In his opinion, it adds up to a better feeling and more stable knee for the patient. Dr. Farr has recently begun using the Persona IQ Smart Knee on his patients as well, making Northern Montana Hospital the first facility in the state to do so. This implant gives visibility into the post-surgery journey and keeps the patients connected to their healthcare team every “step” of the way!

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