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Northern Montana Health Care Rolls Out Medication Disposal Program

Havre, Montana – Northern Montana Health Care is pleased to announce the recent installation of a MedSafe Medication Disposal System. MedSafe is an unused and expired medication disposal system. This system accepts controlled (Schedules II-V), non-controlled and over-the-counter medicines and meets the requirements of the DEA Controlled Substances Act.

The MedSafe Disposal box and a 3 year supply of the disposal liners were made possible by a grant from the Partnership for Success Grant through the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.  A press release from the Montana DPHHS states the importance of providing an avenue for our community members to safely dispose of their medications in order to assist with the current opiate epidemic.

The 38 gallon MedSafe container is located inside of the 2nd floor entrance door at Northern Montana Hospital. “This makes it easily accessible to the community”, states Elaine Morse, RPh, Director of Northern Montana Hospital Pharmacy. “It will be under 24-hour surveillance to prevent any issues from arising. But our main goal is to make this easy for people to use.”

The proper disposal of unused medications is a vital strategy for aiding in the prevention of prescription drug abuse. Removing the medications from a home eliminates the possibility of accidental ingestion and misuse. Many times, especially with pain relieving medications, the supply given may not be used in full, thus offering the opportunity for someone else to abuse the medication.

The other advantage of community members using the MedSafe box to dispose of medications is that it will help to keep the water supply safe. It is a fallacy that it is safe to flush unused medications. Once collected by the MedSafe Company, unused medications are incinerated.

“We’re so fortunate to be able to offer this here in Havre. We feel it is an additional way that we can help our community.” Adds Ms. Morse.

These are the Instructions for use:

  • Place all unused medications including legally held controlled substances including narcotics into the MedSafe Collection receptacle using the top medicine-drop door.
  • Leave medications in original packaging/container when possible.
  • No liquid containers more than 4 ounces. Place in a plastic baggy before depositing.
  • No sharps containers, needles, syringes, batteries, aerosol spray cans, trash, medical devices, chemicals or other hazardous materials.
  • Do not leave medications outside of MedSafe.
  • Please note the MedSafe located inside the 2nd floor entrance at Northern Montana Hospital is under 24 hour/7 day video surveillance.
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