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Northern Montana Hospital (NMH)
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The Patient Portal allows easily accessible: secure online access to your Electronic Health Record anytime and anywhere you have internet access; whether it’s on your desktop, laptop, or phone.

Instructions On How to Get Started and Navigate the Patient Portal

Patient Portal Proxy Access

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For Text Only, to navigate our portal please use this link: Accessibility Portal

You are now able to request a new appointment, or cancel and reschedule an existing appointment in our Patient Portal. Select Appointments icon from the mail page to get started. If you need a same-day appointment, please call (406) 265-5408 or (406) 265-7831.

How do I request, cancel or rescehedule my appointment?


  • Use the Appointments feature to view your pending and confirmed healthcare appointments.
  • To view details about an appointment, including the location and any pre-visit instructions, select the appointment of interest.

Requesting an Appointment:

  • To request a new appointment, select Schedule an Appointment from the main Appointments
  1. Select an appointment type.
  2. Select an office location and provider.
  3. If the location or provider is not listed, click on a different location or provider. Or you may call (406) 265-5408 or (406) 265-7831 to speak with a scheduler.
  4. Select the preferred time.
  5. Confirm contact information.

The Patient Portal sends the request to the provider’s office. Once the office schedules the appointment, you will be contacted to confirm the appointment. (This is why your contact information is very valuable to us.)

Canceling or Rescheduling an Appointment:

  • You can cancel confirmed and pending appointments 24 hours prior to the appointment through the Portal. To cancel with less than a 24-hour notice, please call (406) 265-5408 or (406) 265-7831.
  • You can also request to reschedule appointments 24 hours prior to the appointment. To reschedule with less than a 24-hour notice, please call (406) 265-5408 or (406) 265-7831.

To cancel or reschedule an appointment, select the Appointment on the main page, then select Cancel Appointment or Reschedule on the detail page.

The Patient Portal allows you to view, print or download:

  • Health Summary
  • Visit History
  • Results (Laboratory and Microbiology)
  • Medications
  • Allergies and Conditions
  • X-ray reports and other reports made available to you by your provider
  • Letters
  • Preventative Care (tests, immunizations, and measurement that promote health and disease prevention)
  • Upcoming or pending appointments

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients and Proxies (Authorized Users) must be at least 18 years of age.

All of the information in the Portal comes from your Northern Montana Health Care (NMHC) Electronic Health Record. This ensures that you have access to the most accurate, up-to-date information possible.

To log into the Portal, visit the Patient Portal webpage. Register a new account, or Enter your existing Login ID and password.

Yes. You can give family members, such as parents or healthcare proxies, access to your Portal. This needs to be done within your healthcare facility and requires consent from you and your family member(s).

In support of the 2021 MT Code Annotated Chapter 1, Title 41-1-401-1-403, NMHC will not provide electronic access to health care information for minors (Aged 13-17). Electronic access via the Patient Portal will end automatically on a patient’s 13th birthday.

Yes. Portal passwords are encrypted and URLs are rewritten so that they cannot be copied and pasted. You and authorized family members are the only ones who can access your Portal. Also, a timeout feature protects your information if you leave the Portal Page open.

There is a Contact Us section on the homepage of the Portal that allows you to submit any questions you have regarding the Portal.

You are now able to directly message your provider. Please keep in mind that this is NOT for urgent medical issues. Things that require immediate medical attention should be directed to your provider over the phone or please call 911.

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