Senior Connection – Northern Montana Hospital Volunteers

Senior Connection – Northern Montana Hospital Volunteers

Through a variety of activities, services, and satellite clinics, the Senior Connection program promotes the mental, physical, social, and emotional health and wellness of the community’s senior population.

Director Mim Tchida promotes existing services in an environment where seniors can gather for fun, growth, and companionship while building relationships with caregivers and each other.

Of the 15,000 residents in the greater community, 1500 (roughly 10%) are involved in the Senior Connection program with over 150 volunteering regularly at the Hospital and Care Center.  Because there is much more to health and wellness than the physical component (health screenings and foot care services), structured activities promote independence, increase physical activity and endurance, add to the emotional and social support systems, and offer an opportunity to participate in weekend bus tours and day trips. In addition, an interaction between the seniors and the Teen Volunteer program builds multi generational connections that stimulate minds and give purpose.

Call (406) 262-1330 to get active in the Senior Connection!

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