Anti-Coagulation Clinic

Anti-Coagulation Clinic


Why has an Anti-Coagulation Management Clinic been established?

National Patient Safety Standards have been established that recognize the need for safe management of anti-coa48_1278605445[1]gulation therapy. Many healthcare facilities throughout Montana are now providing services through clinics specializing in anticoagulation therapy.

What is an Anti-Coagulation Clinic?

The Anti-Coagulation Management Clinic (AMC) is sometimes referred to as the “Coumadin Clinic.”  The AMC is staffed by Registered Nurses, who are certified to monitor anti-coagulation therapy. These nurses provide INR testing and manage the blood thinner medications (Warfarin/Coumadin) your medical provider has prescribed for you to prevent blood clots.

What are the benefits of the AMC?DSCN2482

At each visit a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of your anti-coagulation medication will be completed. This assessment includes:

  • A Brief History
  • Vital Signs
  • Measurement of Protime/INR
  • Patient Education (i.e.; Dietary, Drug Interactions, etc.)
  • Prompt Communication with your Medical Provider
  • For your convenience, the AMC Nurse will assist you with your prescription refills.

What is the cost?

AMC visits are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurances plans. Please check with your individual insurance provider or with the Northern Montana Hospital Business Office to see how your plan’s deductibles and/or co-pays may apply.

You may contact the Business Office at (406) 262-1264 if you have any questions about coverage. We look forward to being of service to you!

 Ginny Heberly, RN, Supervisor of ACM. (406) 262-1426 DSCN2486